Crew and Passion.

Boat manufacturer Milan Sterk, designer Carlos Vidal, and naval architect Sasha Vlad turn visions into reality with STERK.
As a team with over 20 years of experience each in the maritime industry, the crew of boat-building enthusiasts, engineers and boat designers share the same STERK DNA – to simply build the best Supersport boats.
By choosing a production site in Germany, the STERK team pursues aspirations of minimal ecological impact, driven by the philosophy of sustainable progressive thinking. Short supply chains and high-quality standards are crucial for MS Marine GmbH. Together with great know-how, they form the basis for successful manufacturing of unique European Supersport boats.
STERK is the boat manufacturer for enthusiasts who love speed and comfort without compromise.

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Unleash the power, speed, maneuverability and absolute control.

The brandnew 31 shows it´s greatness.

#700PS #V/MAX=60KN

The STERK 31 impresses with a Mediterranean inspired layout, state- of-the-art technology and perfect functionality. Of the three models on offer, STERK 31 RC is the first to be presented. A wet-bar version and full- cabin version will follow in 2023.

The boat shows greatness: a supersport hull form, a focused driving cockpit, a large 530 l (140 US.Gal) fuel tank, two generous sunbeds and an extra-large t-top are just a few highlights of the numerous unique features to be enjoyed. Fine details like our seamless hull-deck joining method emphasise STERK exclusivity and luxury engineering. With up to 700 hp, the drive-by-wire interface ensures effortless, precise transmission and control of the powerful, sporty performance.


Die STERK 31RC is nominated

Super High Performance.

Strong, fast, agile, smooth-running, precise, functional, Mediterranean noble, striking in form and function.

STERK31 will always be at the centre of attention with its Mediterranean flair and the aura of luxury blended with a touch of slight understatement.
 The Powerboat reaches the perfection in performance due to the sophisticated engineering of the hull and digital next-generation electric system, enabling high speed and efficiency.
You will highly appreciate the thrill of up to 2 x 350 hp while being in front of the car-like cockpit and dashboard design.

The Captain` s Choice.

The base of the STERK 31 offers the future captain a variety of options to configure their boat according to their individual requirements.
For explorers and adventurers there is the REAR CABIN version with a well appointed 2 berth sleeping cabin and an additional sun deck for relaxing. The WET BAR version caters to entertainers and is equipped with kitchen, bar and a super stylish lounge. With many other options such as a t-top, various bimini configurations, wake-surf-ski tower and various packages from Silver to Platinum, the STERK 31 can be adapted to suit individual needs from sporty to comfortable.


Rear Cabin Sun Deckfor Explorers.


Wet Bar Loungefor Connaisseurs.

Individual Style & Design.

Customized for your needs.

A comfortable bathroom, and large aft platforms offer highest quality comfort during your stay on board making you just relax. Over 6m2 of permanent shade go with the huge t-top. In addition, you can choose multiple bimini options. It will be a pleasure to spend a sunny summer day in the cool area and feel the light sea wind on your skin.
The generous option of a 540l fuel tank and a 120 l water tank and a 60 l black water tank make care very easy for the boat owner.

STERK 31 is manufactured in Germany, according to highest quality standards by using exclusively premium materials. Several distinguished luxury options, such as heated and cooled cupholders, garnish the overall high-end creation.


Radical Shapeof Speed.

The Supersport hull shape has been designed for fast running and agile response. It features a twin stepped deep V layout with strategically placed spray rails to enhance lift and reduce spray. Hundreds of hours by CFD testing resulted in exhilarating performance while maintaining a safe, predictable handling.
A novel feature unique to STERK are hooked rails on the aft planing surface. Combined with our negative chines, they provide great bite and less heel in fast turns and prevent spinout while evoking a great feeling of confidence synonymous with the STERK name.
Extremely stable and lightweight composite materials are handcrafted by our specialists in a completely new manufacturing facility.

The seamless hull-deck joining method emphasise exclusivity and luxury engineering.
Cleanliness, high precision and meticulous quality controls ensure, that every STERK 31 is a unique and durable masterpiece made in Germany.

Stay tuned.

Our next STERK´s.



Handcrafted Boat Art.

Fine Craftmanship meets High Tech.

A Glimpse into the sacred Halls.

The production of the STERK31 raises the bar in boatbuilding to a whole new level. Tested and optimized in the flow channel the progressive hull shape is designed for smooth running and maximum speed even in rough conditions.

Extremely stable and lightweight composite materials specially developed for the 31 are handcrafted by our specialists in a completely new manufacturing process. High precision and meticulous controls ensure that every 31 is a unique and durable masterpiece made in Germany.

STERK Family.

Enjoy great events, lifestyle, meet friends, feel the airstream and share the same passion and love for extraordinary boats.
Be a part of the STERK family.

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