Val Navtika

Designed and built for ultimate emotion on the Sea... (Julijan Višnjevec Val Navtika)

Skipper Bootshandel EN

“…perfect high-performance boat for people who want to relax on the water even at speeds over 100 km/h. Ingenious! ...You will fall in love with this boat. It awakens desires.” (Rex Schober, Skipper Bootshandel)

Mares EN

„A highly versatile rocket …Hull design, „a masterpiece “ …The shape of the supersport hull has been designed for fast driving and agile response.” (Enrique Curt, Mares)


Logo boote magazin

boote EN

„The Sterk 31 RC surpasses the competition. Many shipyards have tried to build a dayboat like this.” (Jan-Ole Puls,

Nautica Y Yates EN

"A boat that you can see that it has been designed and created by people [...] who have spent many hours at sea, both personally and professionally." (Dani Aznar Paris, Náutica y Yates) 

Barche a Motore EN

"...if you are a performance lover, as soon as you take the rudder in your hands and launch yourself on the water […] at full speed, you will definitely not be disappointed." (Gregorio Ferrari, Barche a Motore)

floatmagazin EN

"The Sterk 31 RC is one of the best and safest constructions I have driven in nearly 20 years." (Stefan Gerhardt, floatmagazin)


Boat Live EN

"You´ll possibly have the best fun of your life in this thing..." (BoatLife)

Motor Boot EN

"The Sterk 31 is an extremely performance-oriented driving machine that is certainly unmatched in this class of boat..." (Christian Schneider,